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Charger with trickle charge function, 5 A

Charger with trickle charge function, 5 A
: A0009823021
New energy: this compact, cutting-edge charger is specially tailored to Mercedes-Benz requirements. It "revives", recharges, checks and maintains the charge.
- Charges with the correct voltage and correct charging current.
- User-friendly: Fully automatic, 4-stage charging.
- Pulsed trickle charge function.
- Ensures longest possible battery life.
- Capable of charging totally flat batteries.
Reassuring: no damage to electronics connected to battery. The system is protected against sparks, short-circuit and reverse voltage, water jets and dust particles (IP65).
For 12 V lead-acid batteries and 12 V lithium batteries up to max. 120 Ah. Simple to use. Ideal for seasonal or showroom vehicles. Ready to go again in no time: design and functions characteristically Mercedes-Benz.
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