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Snow chain, RUD-matic DISC

Snow chain, RUD-matic DISC 205, 55, R16
: A2045830116
This high-quality luxury snow chain features a robust plastic disc which protects the light-alloy wheels or wheel trims. Because the chain is fastened on the front of the wheel, it can be fitted quickly and simply, even where the vehicle has narrow wheel arches or rear-wheel drive. The RUDmatic snow chain has achieved outstanding test results with regard to traction, stopping distances, smoothness, lateral stability and durability. The chrome-manganese-alloyed fine-grained stainless steel is visually tailored to the light-alloy wheels, ensuring a high-quality look.The outstanding test results, ease and quickness with which it can be fitted, durability resulting from the reversible chain mesh and the protection offered to the wheels make the RUDmatic DISC the ideal snow chain. It complies with statutory requirements for snow chains and is tested according to the standards specified by the Austrian Standards Institute.
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